A Non-Profit to Lead the Way
About Leland Innovation Park, Inc.

We are established as a non-profit, tax-exempt North Carolina corporation for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose of Leland Innovation Park, Inc. is to promote economic development in the greater Leland, North Carolina area, meaning the creation of new and better jobs for the citizens of the area, and increased ad valorem and other tax-based revenues for the public entities involved. In achieving its purpose, Leland Innovation Park, Inc. will act on behalf of the general public of Leland, Brunswick County, and Southeastern North Carolina.

There are three key initiatives driving the push for the newly-defined Leland Innovation Park.

These are:

  1. A Modern Rebrand Strategy

  2. Non-Profit Formation of Leland Innovation Park, Inc.

  3. Development of The Leland Hub - “The spaces place”

Leland Innovation Park, formerly known as Leland Industrial Park, serves as home to the largest collection of world-class companies in the region. It's logistically positioned for growth and offers a unique landscape to create tomorrow's business pioneers. Still, it's Southeastern NC's best kept secret.