Leland Innovation Park, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt North Carolina organization funded by annual private and public contributions. It is not a membership organization. Leland Innovation Park, Inc. seeks grants from public and private entities to fund improvement initiatives.

EIN 83-0625026


Board of Directors:

Gene Merritt, President
Leland Innovation Park, Inc.
Owner, GMC Real Estate

Jason McLeod
President, Brunswick Business and Industry Development
Business Development Manager
ECS Southeast, LLP

Bill Early
Executive Director
Brunswick Business and Industry Development

Dr. David Sink Jr.
Vice President and Vice Chair
Leland Innovation Park, Inc.
Chair, Leland Economic Committee
Owner, Meineke Car Care Center

Gary Vidmar
Leland Innovation Park, Inc.
Economic and Community
Development Director/Town of Leland

Steve Yost
North Carolina’s Southeast Partnership

Bill Schoettelkotte
WCM Enterprises

Pete Peterson
Manufacturing Methods, Inc.

Manjoi Bhatia
Owner, Ultimate Storage Company

Gregor Kysely
President and CEO
Feller, LLC


The Purpose of Leland Innovation Park, Inc.


Our purpose is to promote economic development in the greater Leland, North Carolina area. This includes the creation of new and better jobs for the citizens and increased ad valorem and other tax-based revenues for the public entities involved. In achieving its purpose, Leland Innovation Park, Inc. will act on behalf of the general public of Leland,  Brunswick County, and Southeastern North Carolina.


Leland Innovation Park, Inc. strives to improve the marketability of the park by accomplishing the following:

  1. A new land-use plan that effectively allows for maximum, practical, and coordinated use of the existing land area.

  2. A new landscape program that creates attractiveness, street-appeal, and a sense of well-being for workers and visitors in the park. The roads will be upgraded, the common areas will be planted with attractive trees and shrubs, and an attractive, logical, and informative signage system will direct the public to the various businesses and institutions located in the park.

  3. A new coordinated marketing program that supplies support for land owners and their real estate agents in attracting new business and real estate development.

  4. Periodic education programs that enlighten workers in the park, held in conjunction with area public organizations.

  5. Technical support, including access to loan funds for start-up and expansion, that guides existing and potential parties.


The anticipated outcome of this effort will be a vibrant, attractive, innovative environment that fosters new ideas and concepts, helps them to form and grow, and sparks economic development for the region.