Welcome to the Innovation Age, where technology has reshaped opportunities, even in business parks.


As we enter a new era of high tech industry, campus environments, high-salary jobs and specialized skills, communities around the country are planning and promoting innovation parks – the work spaces of the future – designed to attract business and create high job growth.

When these projects include the need for roads, electrical lines, high speed internet installation, water, sewer and gas, it’s not unusual for one of these parks to take 3 to 5 years to open.


In order to compete, we found that a business park needs:

  • Available and affordable land

  • High speed internet access

  • Utility infrastructure

  • Access to highways, airports, sea ports, railways

  • Public services like police, fire and waste management

  • A local business network of resources

  • Support from local economic development and government agencies

  • Access to universities and/or community colleges with tech training

  • Anchor companies that are models of today’s innovation

  • Healthy companies ready to hire and train

  • Access to tech and industry leaders


Wouldn’t it be great if we already had a business park where:

  • All utilities were already available

  • Fiber optic internet services were in place

  • There was easy accessibility by port, air and interstate highways

  • Global innovator businesses already called home

  • There were many affordable, available land parcels

  • Local government stands ready to support the look and feel through matching grants

  • The area could see 100 to 150 immediate high-paying jobs, and hundreds more in the future

Leland, North Carolina has just such a place…


With the basics in place, the story of Leland Innovation Park is just beginning. Together with property owners and tenants, Leland Innovation Park, Inc. is working to write the next chapter, in which we hope to:

  • Support and collaborate with one another to improve the park and respective company work environments

  • Make the park a first choice location when starting, expanding or relocating

  • Create a community network, update websites, link websites to Leland Innovation Park website

  • Utilize the Leland Hub for company training and events

  • Consider financial and staff resources for supporting the Leland Innovation Park campaign

  • Increase appeal to new hires, and property values


Would you like to join us?